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Brushes App on iPhone

I've been using Brushes on my iPhone for a few days now and I must say that after some time getting use to it, it's a pretty sweet app!

This is an example of what I've drawn yet with the app. It is generated with a small free tool for OS X that can read drawing made with brushes.

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Voxel Spacing

After some hours of development here come a small experiment in javascript using canvas and ImageData.You'll find more information on

ps. the screenshot is from an higher resolution as what you'll find online. That's because it's really slow otherwise :) ...

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gameQuery 0.1

I just published on jQuery's plugins site the alpha version of gameQuery. It's a plugin aimed at easing the development of javascript games. The goal is to give a practical alternative to flash in some specific situation.

Using gameQuery and jQuery allow a higher level and cross-browser approach to the game display.

You can find the gamequery main page here

This is a technical demo of gameQuery usage:

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K-Stet is a small game I wrote in OpenGL a while ago. It's not really finished yet and will probably never be... The source code is given with the game. You'll find bellow different versions of the game. It's build on the OpenGLUT framework and uses SDL to read the images files so it shouldn't be to hard to compile it on every reasonable platform but only the win32 binary are given for now.

The aim of this was to test a gameplay idea that turned out to be not as fun as I expected. In the game you control the rotation of a board on which drop colored drop of water fall. The drops should be lead to the hole with the same color. Try it maybe you'll find it more fun than I do.

K-Stet 0.15
K-Stet 0.1
K-Stet 0.05
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Motorola SLVR L7 skin

A skin for the SLVR L7 made with Skinner4moto. Since I don't know much about these mobile phone I don't know if it can be used with another model. If you don't know how to install this skin on your L7 then Google is your friend!

The wallpaper is a resized version of Fireworks by Cartographer.

(To download the skin you can click on the image!)

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