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Pfff! After such a long time the new version of my website is online at last... As you can see it looks more like a blog now and the most time consuming task was the making of the custom blog engine. There is still some work to do before all the features one can expect are implemented. The next thing in the pipeling are full text search and RSS flux generation.

I tried my best to make this site compatible with all current web browsers but it was mainly tested on Firefox (2 and 3). Safari 3 and Explorer 7 should work without to many glitches. And for those that still uses Explorer 6... well I feel bad for them :) Don't hesitate to leave a comment to this post if you find a bug or have a remark !

During the weeks to come I will migrate part of the old website.

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Joulsalut Sel... bon pour l'instant je trouve pas grand chose a voir... ca va venir je sais... en tout cas bravo et bonne continuation, j'ai hate de pouvoir decouvrir ce site...
SelimMerci! Pour le contenu t'en fait pas ça vas bientôt venir :)
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